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Divorce Attorney in Walnut Creek, CA

A self-negotiated resolution to family law conflict

Divorce leaves many couples emotionally drained and financially strained — not only because they failed to consider the financial implications of divorce, but also because some divorce lawyers stir up animosity by triggering conflict over hot-button issues. Our attorney stands ready to advocate on your behalf if there are issues that need to be resolved in court, but the preferred goal is to avoid litigation and preserve assets for your family and your future through out-of-court settlement proceedings. If you find that there are issues that you simply cannot resolve on your own through out-of-court settlement proceedings, it is possible to seek the advice of an investigator, a financial expert or a psychologist who can assist you through these tense times. Only if no other option is likely to produce a just result would courtroom litigation be advisable.

To the extent you can cooperate with a former spouse, you can reduce the costs associated with a divorce. Open communication about substantive and procedural issues that will affect your future can facilitate problem solving. An attorney stands beside you during these negotiations as an advocate, advising you of rights you waive by opting to accept or decline the opposing party's proposals. The Card Law Firm can help you answer the following questions:

  • How will you allocate communal assets and debts?
  • Can you afford to split one household into two separate households?
  • If one spouse made sacrifices during a marriage, does he or she deserve to be compensated through spousal support, also known as maintenance or alimony?
  • Where will the children live?
  • How will divorce effect my credit?
  • Will my child support amount ever change?
  • Who will be responsible for paying for the children's college education?
  • What if one spouse’s income fluctuates with seasonal employment?
  • To what extent will child support agreements be affected by custody or visitation?
  • How will a shared parenting agreement be affected by the possibility of relocation or remarriage?

The Card Law Firm in Walnut Creek seeks to provide creative resolution to family conflict such as divorce, child support, child custody or any family law through self-negotiated resolution and problem solving. The goal is to obtain a just outcome at a cost-effective legal rate. Our firm's lawyer can help you craft a legal strategy to obtain an optimal outcome during divorce negotiations.

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